SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 8 months ago on BOC will vote on firing of Wade Starr next week

I wouldn't characterize it as "firing". The position is simply being eliminated administratively. It is tragic that Mr. Starr is coincidentally in that chair at this time but its only business now isn't it?

The action itself was requested of the Commission by Mr. Starr on 4 Dec. 2012 so he is no victim here"

"5. Mr. Hancock presented a matter on behalf of Wade Starr, County Manager. Mr. Starr asked that his contract be modified to reflect that the Board must notify him no later than 5:00 p.m. on January 16, 2013, as to whether or not his contract will be renewed or extended when it expires on June 30, 2013. Commissioner Singleton motioned (seconded by Vice-Chairman Ralph) to modify Mr. Starr’s contract as so noted. The motion carried 3-1. Chairman Bell opposed."

With time in service, should Mr. Starr decide to retire from County duty he will do so at 90% of salary. Hardly a sad sum.

It would however be interesting yet unlikely if Mr. Starr is resurrected to an After-Life 2.0 say in a Water Authority Position? Unlikely in that the votes are currently against Mr. Starr from joining however a certain 3 Commissioners on the old BOC did try to pack the Water Authority Board didn't they? I don't know myself but I hear that there are a lot of bonds over there.


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 8 months ago on Starr will be Hill’s liaison

Hill's transition should be closely monitored not only the media (excluding personal shill Tom Jones) but by an Elected Official, ultimately answerable to the Citizens rather than a self-aggrandizing, marginally qualified, political appointee. Hopefully Mr. Starr has the vision to resign prior to the new commissioners arrive in office. Clearly this is a move to marginalize the new Board much as is the Commissioners appointments of cronies to various county boards for years giving the new board little effectiveness in steering governance. Even the county's own Organizational Document found at on page 26 rightly shows that the Sheriff's Office is NOT EVEN IN the Chain of Command under the Chief of Staff but rather answers directly to the Commission. Those pesky documents seem to be ignored especially when the access to money and influence is at risk.


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 8 months ago on BOC rejects public input on recreation center

It seems Ms. Singleton has sent an email today (wondering if it's from the county computer again) to her many supporters soliciting a letter writing campaign against the Clayton News-Daily. The email allegedly asks that supporters slam the News-Daily with calls and letters to the Editor in response to their "racist" and derisive reporting.

Too many citizens know this tactic all too well and actually voted against its use this past election cycle. Locally, campaigns that used this suffered defeat. Voters are getting tired of this.

It seems now that information is coming to light about certain Commissioners' activities, there is an attempt to shut down the investigative process and this is one such method.

The News-Daily is doing a fine job of telling the factual story as it plays out. I challenge anyone to point out a factual error in News-Daily Reporting in the past year.


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 8 months ago on BOC replaces tax dollars with more tax dollars

Just as a bank robber offers to return the money once caught, so have the Commissioners tried to backtrack now that their INTENTIONAL and ILLEGAL misuse of public funds, violating the fiduciary trust and blatant unethical behavior has seen the disinfectant of sunshine.

I call for an immediate criminal investigation by competent authority to flush the rats out of their nest.

The Alabama Sec. of State records clearly show the LLC seller closed his LLC WEEKS after the sale of the strip mall to the county. Records in the Clayton County Clerk of Courts show the property was sold for $10 NOT $2.4 million. There are three active businesses on this property, a pizzeria, a dry cleaners and a nail salon. Why is the county in the business of being a landlord and WHO is being paid the rent? What fund did those rent monies go into (co-mingling) if any? Why should the citizens be exposed to liability should a fire or other danger occur as the county is the slumlord? Now that the property is owned by the county,

Commissioners or Mr. Hancock, release the minutes from the closed to the public executive session at which the details were discussed and the scheme hatched. Show us HOW MUCH Mr. Azur, the county purchase agent, was paid in commission for brokering this agreement (I'm sure it was the "regular" rate now was it?. Subpeona not only payment records but records from private bank accounts as well. It is naive to presume this property was purchased for a "Rec Center" and for Mr. Hancock to postulate this in front of County Citizens certainly raises more questions concerning his intenet.. Why the Clayton County legal staff shot that idea down as being illegal when the schemes was first hatched. You know that Mr. Hancock as does the former disgraced County Attorney, Michael Smith. The scheme was profiteering pure and simple in a criminal manner. The perps need to be deposed but then again, they would probably just plead the 5th as is their habit of late wouldn't they? :)


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 9 months ago on CCWA wins transporting water gold award

I too echo the accolades of Rhondajo3 and Robert but also agree strongly with OscarKnight. The tentacles of of some in County Government are reaching into the Water Authority Bond and Contract/Consulting world. There is much money to be tempted by within the Water Authority. Once the bastion of all that is good in Clayton County, it can quickly and quietly succumb to nefarious tendencies of some that are currently in authority if not closely watched. Watch the appointee's to the Board, esp. the most recent and check the bonds and engineering study contracts.


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 11 months ago on Clayton County sheriff's race heats up

Keep visiting campaign information and appearance details. Volunteer to the Campaign TODAY!
This is a Grass-Roots effort. Recruit 10 firm voters that will recruit 10 firm voters. The integrity will multiply!


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 11 months ago on Clayton County sheriff's race heats up

Garland Watkins is having a campaign kickoff tonight, Thursday, Sept. 30th at 250 South Main Street in Jonesboro. The campaign HQ is located between Pat & Jerry's and Pro-Tree Service. Map: Come out and be a part of this historic Campaign!


SgtFranklinRock 2 years, 11 months ago on County finances bring citizens to boiling point

So foolish was the Citizen Oversight Committee's allegations that Wole Ralph VOTED to hire a Financial Advisor to compel Moody's NOT to downgrade the County's Bond Rating which Moody's did anyway. . Singleton and Hambrick also voted for this "CYA" move (go figure). It seems from the minutes of 14 April 2009, that Finance Director Angela Jackson was the only individual to have ratings information. "Motion by Commissioner Hambrick, second by Commissioner Singleton, to approve Resolution No. 2009-70 – Authorizing the County to enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Headlands Capital Corporation, to provide financial advisory services for Clayton County. The motion carried 3-2 with Chairman Bell and Commissioner Edmondson voting in opposition." It seems Mr. Ralph has amnesia.