SgtRock 3 years ago on County manager finalists’ names revealed

Not surprising that Mr. Starr is "in the running". Is there any doubt that he will be appointed by the troika on the Board of Commissioners? This maneuver has been known since 2009 and is now coming to fruition. It will be interesting to see how the cover-up works with the prosecution of Ms Angela Jackson over the destruction of public records to wit; county cell phone records (this is the same County Budget Director that was negatively audited a couple of years ago). Will these cell phone records show illegal meetings? And what was the result of the missing gasoline investigation at the Fleet pumps? The results of that investigation never surfaced now did they. Regardless, "the three" will have a happy time railroading yet another questionable "leader" of Clayton County down our dismal and collective throats, once again, fodder for the evening news.