arctk2011tj 3 years ago on Transit advocates call for MARTA referendum

How ignorant and uninformed your comments have been.

MARTA (METROPOLITAN Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) is supposed to serve the METROPOLITAN area of Atlanta - which by definition from the US Census Bureau includes Clayton County. Your economy is just as dependent on Atlanta and the services that it provides as Gwinnett and Cobb counties.

This idea that Clayton Co. can operate successfully on its own has been proven to fail multipleks times- including the calamity of ending the county's public transportation services. But your idea that Clayton County would be footing the bill on this speaks poorly of your knowledge on how public transportation works. If Clayton County does successfully join MARTA then every time a tourist, businessman, or resident steps onto MARTA (even in Fulton or Dekalb Counties) they would be also subsidizing Clayton County's share of MARTA. If the surrounding counties refuse to support public transportation then I don't have any empathy for people who complain about traffic problems around Atlanta.

Also- I'd also like to add that if you've ever utilized Hartsfield-Jackson airport then I think you should also realize that my tax money- as a Fulton County and City of Atlanta resident- helps to subsidize the airport as it is owned by the City of Atlanta.