bevcu777 4 years, 1 month ago on City ordinance bans nudity, alcohol in clubs

Hopefully, these establishments will be shut down! Nothing good comes of them. People drive drunk on the roads after visiting these places. Prostitution is rampant. Drugs are always behind the scenes. STD's are on the rise. Domestic violence results from men being busted attending these types of places.

I honestly can't say one good thing about women parading around like mere sexual objects binge drinking and/or doing all types of drugs in order to be able to carry out their job duties. Men go to prey on women who are selling their bodies to make ends meet often offering money for sex. Please SHUT DOWN ALL STRIP CLUBS in Atlanta. If there's one thing Atlanta doesn't need, it's another strip club!!

Food for thought, in New York, when someone claims to be a "dancer" they mean in the professional arts such as ballet. In contrast, when someone in Atlanta claims to be a "dancer" what they really mean is "stripper" and everyone knows it. It's time for Atlanta to better its reputation.