csmretirede9 2 years, 7 months ago on CLAYTON COUNTY BOYS BASKETBALL PREVIEW

Why isn't returning senior from Lovejoy High School, Michael Harden (#12) who played point, shooting guard and small forward not mentioned. This is an excellent young player who averaged 11 points per game, 4 or 5 rebounds and a couple of assist per game. Michael Harden was the starting point guard while Jermaine Hough was playing football and Michael Harden moved to small forward when Hough returned. I just can not understand how someone who averaged double figures during the regular season and the playoffs no be mentioned at all when it comes to Loveyoy Boys basketball.


csmretirede9 3 years, 4 months ago on Jonesboro roars back to oust Lovejoy

Outcoached is an understatement from Lovejoy's head coach. The officiating did not help Lovejoy's call at all. Lovejoy's starting center spent more time on the bench than on the floor because of some questionable calls. It would have helped if Lovejoy would have put the right people on the floor at the right time. You have a senior who is a very good 3 point shooter barely touched the floor.