gapeech 1 year, 11 months ago on Clayton County sheriff's race heats up

So what if he was a democrat and now a republican. I registered democrat just to get to vote for sheriff. Does not mean I am voting for Obama in Novemeber. Thank goodness someone else stepped up for CC.


gapeech 2 years ago on Victor victorious

I hope you are right my friend. I sit here in disbelief that the people of CC would elect this man again. I have read all the articles listen to the so called debates and heard nothing. I was more appalled at the behavior than anything. Will he take office in January? I hope not but we live in a CC now that elects folks like this. Ihave lived here for 40 plus years, worked here raised my children here and so sad to say that maybe it is time to go. WHen you are afraid the people who are suppose to protect you more that the thugs then its time.


gapeech 2 years, 5 months ago on Target burglars ID'd by school uniform

Grandma is sending the wrong message. Wake-up this isn't his first time. The first time he's got caught