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Abuse of authority is the unfair use of one's power to interfere with an employee's work and performance in the form of humiliation, intimidation or threat. It does not include professional duties, such as appraisals, counseling or usual managerial responsibilities.

Employees need to distinguish between the various forms of abuse of power in the workplace. According to the Gender and Diversity program's website, supervisors can abuse their power through their speech, including making criticisms about employees’ physical appearance, work skills and intellect. The tone of a supervisor's voice--for example, a supervisor raising her voice at an employee or using foul language--can constitute emotional abuse. Ignoring employees and threatening employees with paycheck reductions or loss of a promotion are abusive. So are physical forms of abuse, including touching, hitting and slapping.


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My Issue isn't with the fine teachers who we have to teach and support our kids, love ones everyday five days out of the week. Making sure that they have the learning skills that some of us as parents were not able to get when growning up. My issues are with Ecolab Mcdonough plant 600. I have (3) daughters (2) are in colleges across the state of Ga. Valdosta State and Ga Southern. I've work hard to make their lives complete and so has my wife of nearly 25yrs. My oldest daughter who is still taking online classes to finish in secondary education,has two fine boys. My grandsons. I'm not a perfect man but never have I bullied, threaten or Imtimidated anyone on or off my former job Ecolab. All I and several others at Ecolab Mcdonough 600 plant ever wanted and want was fair policies and a different voice to hear us when our former Plant manager left and returned back to Canada. That man name was Doug Parkinson. Doug was our voice. Every hourly associate there would agree with me on Doug Parkinson. We all wanted that voice again, but when Quigley came along he wasn't like from the start. Quigley took nearly a month before most hourlys knew him or even met him. Quigley ignored us, he walk right pass us. It was a bad relationship from day (1). I was at that event when the educators came to Ecolab 600. I talk to some of the teachers right after our meeting ended. I talk to a couple nice ladies that day. Ms. Nutt from Henry County Board, Ms Brown from Moore elementary in Griffin,Ga.and others. I felt so proud knowing that I could give back ,not only for my kids, but for the kids that have parents that can't afford to better their lives. In economic hard times, our business is operating on a reduced budget. It has been different than it has been in previous years." said Jones. "As a company, we know that whatever we have, it's always enough to share and give back to the community," Jones added. "Yeah Penny Jones forgot about me and others at Mcdonough 600 who need their jobs and a voice not even she can give." EcoLab Plant Manager Jerry Quigley said the "Excellence in Education" program started more than 20 years ago. He told the educators visiting the facility to continue to submit their proposals for funding. The grants, he explained, are designed to help develop the students' growth. "Yeah Quigley forgot how bad he ignored me as well as others that day when we tried to talk to him in front of the educators. He was so ruled that day. My name is Harold Catlin I speak for Ecolabs hourly's there. Quigley violated my rights. Carla Smith and Penny Jones along with Lionel Ramirez and Walter Moore all had a part in this wrongful termination." I told you Ecolab this wasn't over", and justice must be awarded back to me, my family, my co-workers and my community.


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Quigley/ Jones unfair to associate(s) at McDonough plant (Ecolab).Wrongful Termination on October 24, 2011. False alleged and accused an associate. Quigley (Plant Manager) and (Penny Jones)Human Resource Rep.Both have accused an associate of a code of conduct in order to have the associate termainated because of the associates participation in forming a legal union this year 2011. They both have lied and cannot continue doing this. This is wrong. Other current associates are afraid to comment