intheknow1 2 years, 4 months ago on Victor Hill says he’s a ‘more mature, wiser person’

"Hill, who has previously compared himself to Gen. George Washington, fictional crime fighter Batman, Muhammad Ali, explorer Christopher Columbus and Jesus, made another biblical comparison at the end of the interview."

Not too delusional, Even if somehow he’s miraculously found innocent, might want to have a psychological evaluation performed on him, prior to letting him carry a firearm. Also he seems to have left out the one comparison I’ve heard before of him, from someone whom went through the same POST certification class years ago with him – Napoleon - Nuf said!


intheknow1 2 years, 4 months ago on Victor victorious

Even if Victor Hill ever regains his POST certification and can actually serve as the Sheriff, how many more millions of taxpayer dollars in suits and waste (there was a lot of that last time) will taxpayers be left with in footing the bill. Ignorance is bliss, those whom voted for Victor Hill must be ecstatic!

From an area outsider looking in