mrlee 2 years, 2 months ago on Spring football is rising seniors' time to shine

Please keep omitting ISA Muhammad out of you'll discussions about top players in the county. He is currently at 10 ints 3 Tds as a Cornerback. He has been purposely not thrown at His Junior year. He makes all D1 prospects look suspect. Plus His coaches refuse to let him play OFFENSE. The main thing is that We do not PAY a recruiting service!!!!!!!! Check Him out for yourself.


mrlee 4 years, 1 month ago on North Clayton wins defensive struggle over Riverdale

Why are guys not giving the Raiders their respect ? Was not North Clayton expected to blow Riverdale away? You were heralding their players in your Friday football special, they were 9-2 last season. Please keep sleeping on the Raiders, once our offense catches up with our "HARD HITTING, BALL HAWKING, NO SECOND CHANCES, TAKE NO PRISONERS DEFENSE" I will look to your publication for in depth coverage of our rise back to prominence.