nikster75 2 years, 2 months ago on SACS chief: Sky not falling in Clayton

This issue is much bigger than Democrats or Republians. I have seen Republican board members in other school districts that are just as incompetent and tunnel-visioned as most of the board members in Clayton County. Once ALL school systems get back to the basic fundamentals of implementing ideas and standards that are truly about the students and not for self, then we will see a board that runs efficiently and effectively!! (Side Note: Ms. Jessie Goree doesn't have anyone challenging her for her seat because she's one of the few that is committed to helping the students, parents, and county in an admirable and efficent way. I wish she could be cloned to fill all of the other seats on the board.)


nikster75 2 years, 2 months ago on Goree asserts she did not jeopardize accreditation

I am completely OUTRAGED by this article!! I can not believe that Madam Chairperson, Pamela Adamson, had the UNMITIGATED GALL to state that Ms. Jessie Goree might be at the center of SACS' new concerns!!! I dare she, and many other board members, try to throw Ms. Goree under the bus like this; in which all of the board members are on with Heatley at the helm. Clayton County Public Schools Board of Education's mantra, that they want all of us to buy into, is that "It's All About the Kids"......well, if it's all about the kids, then why are we trying to black ball the ONLY board member that has been trying to make a change for the students, parents, and community here in Clayton County. Ms. Goree fights for us at board meetings, she attends PTA meetings for all of the grade levels in her district, she attends sporting events, and many, many other events that are happening in our community. She's always visible, concerned, caring, and diligent about what she sets forth to do. I have NEVER seen any of these other board members attend a fraction of the events that she has attended. It's imperative for all of the parents of Clayton County to show their support for one of the few people that are on our side and has our children's best interest at heart. For Ms. Goree, it is "ALL ABOUT THE KIDS"!! I advise each and every one of you to do your research and look at your own district and district leaders to see what's really going on. Ms. Goree has my full support and I pray that this calculated attempt to cast doubt over who she truly is, does not run her away. If anything, this should open all of our eyes to see which members must be voted out EXPEDITIOUSLY!! After all, it is "ALL ABOUT THE KIDS"........I digress........