onebrightday 2 years, 2 months ago on Open government: See it can be done

Lake City...Transparent!?!! Are we talking about the same Lake City that has never had a proper functioning website? Not making publicly available annual audit reports? Failing to complete annual Financial Surveys as required by state law since 2010? The same Lake City that has surely repeatedly violated Open Meeting Laws by the mayor and council-members congregating in the mornings and discussing city business, abusing Executive Session, false swearing, suppressed or hidden public access to Open Records requests from citizens? The same Lake City that has demonstrated gross ethical abuse by among other things failing to place an unnamed Disadvantaged Business Entity on the city's bid list for wrecker service and furthermore failing to put out for bid the service when they were operating without a contract with Forest Park Wrecker for many years? If this is transparency, then we must all be blind. Maybe the newly enacted Sunshine Laws will produce some changes for Lake City and Clayton County as a whole but until then dark shadows are still cast over Lake City and the county. If the GA Secretary of State's Office, the GA Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission and heaven forbid the Georgia Bureau of Investigation looked into the "city" that is the City of Lake City they would very likely produce a number of civil and criminal violations possibly leading to numerous accusations and indictments and the eventual dissolution of the city by the Governor and the state legislature.