peterdmare 2 years, 4 months ago on Spelling bee encourages relationship with words and reading

"We want (the students) to fall in love with words"? I beg your pardon! The English spelling system has the most atrocious --irregular-- system of all Western languages. Annette McCraw, counsellor, should check her students' files to see how many suffer from anxiety when reading, how many suffer when they are being pulled out of the classroom to get remedial reading, how many suffer from being labelled reading disabled?

If the spelling system was regularized to regularize all of those thousands and thousands of irregular spellings (am, but are; one, but won, once; trough, but through, moon, fruit, glue, flew, two, flu, flue, rule, lieu, ... (there are 24 ways)) and there are thousands and thousands of exceptions, taxpayers would not need to pay extra teachers, extra programs, and kids could read in one year, learning much more than they are now, making them better productive members of society. No other languages has spelling bees. Why? Because it is so complex. Why do we keep such a complex system? Do we still go fetch the water at the river or use silexes to make fire? Maybe it is time to "update" a system that has not "progressed" in 300 years! Many languages have had reforms.

Kids must be laughing at adults when they read ... or cry!

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