purplehaze 1 year, 5 months ago on purplehaze

Can't not understand how the people of Clayton County can put someone in office that has disgrace this county.Not once but twice . We were talked about when Hill went into office the first time. How he put officer's on the roof . and put his name on all of the patrol cars. And firing some of the officers the same day.Do not under stand how the people of this county can do this. WE are a JOKE to other COUNTY'S in the State of Georgia Way to GO.


purplehaze 1 year, 7 months ago on Clayton County sheriff's race heats up

I want to know how the county let someone that been in jail, and has been indicted be allowed to put his name on the ballot???? Because if convicted there will either have a nother election or the governor will to appoint someone. Isn't that correct. Clayton County has been the laughing stock of the state long enough.