pwalker 3 years, 3 months ago on Jonesboro residents, historical group say ‘no’ to funeral home

I am a Huie decendant and it would please me to see some of the location of the Battle of Jonesboro preserved, particularly if it holds artifacts. It is important to preserve our history and re-visit it often. It is one way we can learn from mistakes and improve ourselves as a result. None of us can fully know where we are headed if we do not know from where we came. We are our history and we should savor and respect the locations on which important, life-changing events occurred. There are many people in this community who worked much of their lives to understand and expose the history of this place. There are also many people who may not have ever considered the history of this place. Having protected areas for people to visit and learn about are crucial to the well-being of Jonesboro because more meaning is derived from areas left in their original form. Change happens in the blink of an eye and once done, can never be undone. Let's save our few sacred acres, educate our residents about the rich history of our city, and discover new ways to live together cohesively.