rts 2 years, 3 months ago on Citizens: Where did $1.45 million in SPLOST money go?

This is the SECOND time this has happened. IT is time that the citizens of this county take back control.

Also what happened to our TAX money we paid for years to the county for storm water run off and then all of a sudden, CCWA startes handling and charging us extra money on watre bill that we were paying CC to do. Our taxes DID NOT GO DOWN. Chairman and County Attorney told me I could did out the answer myself that they were NOT going to answer my questions.

What about expense accounts and advertising by commissioners in magazines and movies in the park. I will bet we are paying for them also.

If there is something wrong with the way this county is run, we need to push that arrest are made and who ever is responsible is taken to court to serve time and collect our money back. Someone in control has a bond on their actions.