sadbutnotsurprised 2 years ago on Vote analysis shows Hill had countywide support

Sadly, this isn't surprising. Victor is so convincing, and people are so clueless about what really happens with a Grand Jury, or they'd realize ordinary people indicted him, not a sheriff or a DA. That's how it works, a "jury of HIS peers," not someone out to get him. The voters also showed how clueless they are about the role of the sheriff. he ran a campaing as the "Crimefighter." But in Clayton County, the crimefighting first responders are the local police officers. That's not even his job. He's a very skilled orator, able to fool the gullible. I'm so glad I don't live in Clayton County, where the possible sheriff-to-be is a paranoid-sounding person who is ignorant of both the workings of the Grand Jury system as well as his own job responsibilities.