tanyakennedy2010 3 years, 5 months ago on Mother charged after crashing into house

There is always a story behind the story that is told in the newspaper. I never thought when I woke up on that morning that I was gonna be in Jail that afternoon. My life has gone down hill since this accident happened and I have not been able to recover from it yet. things are getting better but they are no where near there yet. I have not yet gotten the chance to apologize to the family that I destroyed thier property yet, as it is not an easy task to look into the face of the owners and say I am sorry. I had to face the sadness of my son telling me that my mug shot was on the internet or my whole church and half of thier schools seeing me on the news. I am not a criminal type person, yet I guess no one really is, you just make mistakes and if you do not learn from them you continue to go down the wrong path. I felt the need to respond to this ad not to clear my name, obviously too late for that, but to say that I am a Christian woman who loves God and her family. I lived 38 years and had never been in Jail before. Our financial situation is now effecting my children and our home and I am facing going back to Jail because I have no money. It is hard to imagine all of this on a week day morning in april. God only knows the glory he will get from this situation. God Bless you, Tanya