visionary12 2 years, 11 months ago on BOE candidate arrested on bench warrant

Regardless of public opinion; how can you influence youth and the public and you cant even take care of your duties. If you broke the law take care of it. If he knew he didnt pay the ticket, he understood the consequence of the situation.

Just because you run for public office doesnt mean that you dont have to abide by the law. He should have done the right thing and paid the ticket. Obviously he isn’t responsible enough to handle the position or abide by the laws of the county. Therefore, he should be punished. FYI this is not his first arrest, he has been arrested multiple times.

He is not above the law. I think he should have been arrested for not respecting the law. Hopefully he didnt use his campaign funds to pay his bail.

Where is his mug shot from the arrest? Every person takes a mug shot the day of arrest and no one gets out of jail within an hour even with bail. I think this case should be reviewed over again because I think this case has favoritism involved.