Details for Morrow High School Replacement


PREQUALIFICATION NOTICE (Competitive Sealed Bids) Notice is hereby given to all prospective bidders that the Clayton County Board of Education ("the Owner") has adopted a process for mandatory prequalification of prospective bidders which shall be used on Morrow High School Replacement ("the Project"). The project site is located on Steele Road, Jonesboro, GA 30294 east of the newly constructed East Clayton Elementary School The proposed projects work consists of: New campus which will include a classroom building with Administration spaces and other building support spaces. An athletic building will be connected to the classroom building and will include a 2,000 seat gymnasium, with auxiliary gym, health classrooms, support spaces and locker rooms. Will also include 1,300 parking spaces, two practice fields and a 6,000 seat football stadium. A detailed description of the Work is set forth in the Bidding Documents, and all other requirements of the Contractor under the Contract Documents. The criteria for prequalification ("the Criteria") are contained in the Owner's Prequalification Statement form, a copy of which shall be obtained upon request from the project Architect, Perkins & Will: Steven Brown, (404) 443-7526. Please reference project name when calling. Prequalification Statement forms shall also be obtained by requesting same by U.S. Mail at the above address. However, the prospective bidder assumes all risk of non-timely receipt. All prospective bidders who wish to bid on the Project shall submit their Prequalification Statements to the Owner, Clayton County Public Schools, Construction Department, ATTN: Christy Crawford at 218 Stockbridge Road, Jonesboro, GA 30236, on or before October 8, 2019 by 3:00 PM. Prequalification Statements received after said date and time will be returned unopened. Prequalification Statements shall be submitted using only the Prequalification Statement forms provided by the Owner. Prequalification Statements shall include, without exception, all of the information and representations called for by the Owner's Prequalification Statement form. Failure to furnish all of the requested information and representations shall result in the prospective bidder being disqualified from bidding on the Project. Prospective bidders who fail to become prequalified to bid on the Project will not be permitted to bid on the Project and bids submitted by any person or entity that is not so prequalified shall be returned unopened. On or before October 14, 2019, by written notice addressed to the prospective bidder at the address set forth on the prospective bidder's Prequalification Statement, the Owner will notify each prospective bidder that has timely submitted a Prequalification Statement utilizing the Owner's required form, as to whether it is, or is not, prequalified to bid on the Project. In the event that a prospective bidder is not prequalified to bid on the Project, the reason(s) for its disqualification will be briefly and succinctly stated. 902-613983, 9/11,18,25,10/2