TAMMY M. HOWARD CLERK OF STATE COURT 8700 HOSPITAL DRIVE DOUGLASVILLE, GA 30134 LEGAL NOTICE Notice of second or subsequent conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Code Section 40-6-391 (A)(1) Court: State Court Douglas County Name: CHRISTOPHER DEE WOODS, 18ST07318 Address: FORREST PARK, GA 30287 Arrest info: Date: 10/7/2018 Time: 1:43 AM Place: 120 EB @ WEIGH STATION Disposition of Case: Court Probation 11 months 20 days Confinement 10 days Credit With Time Served 10 days Court Fine $800.00 Fees Surcharge Community Service 240 hours Court Costs $100.00 Enroll and complete an alcohol-drug risk reduction program within 120 days; Be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings during the entire term of probation; Surrender license plates on any vehicle registered in defendant's name; Obtain a clinical evaluation and complete the requirements thereof; Publish photo in local paper and pay a $25.00 publication fee; Complete ignition interlock device requirement; Tammy M. Howard, State Court Douglas County 910-599343, 5/22