MISCELLANEOUS VEHICLE AUCTION You are hereby notified, in accordance with OCGA Section 40-11-19, 1, that petitions were filed in the Magistrate Court of Clayton County to foreclose liens against the vehicles listed below for all amounts owed. If a lien is foreclosed, the Court shall order the sale of the vehicle to satisfy the debt. The present location of the vehicles is 7813 Taylor Road, Riverdale, Ga 30274. SALE DATE OF VEHICLES LISTED BELOW JUNE 12,2021 1) 16 DODGE CHARGER, 2C3CDXHG0GH185849, HWY 85, NO TAG 2) 18 FORD FUSION, 3FA6POLU3JR137235, HWY 85, NO TAG 3) 10 DODGE CHARGER, 2B3CA3CVXAH186891, HWY 85, NO TAG 4) 03 CHEV MTE CARLO, 2G1WX12K239248554, ROUNTREE ROAD, NO TAG 5) 04 NISSAN MAXIMA, 1N4BA41E64C864827, HWY 85, NO TAG 6) 13 HYUNDAI VELOSTER, KMHTC6AD5DU10-09248, HWY 85, NO TAG 7) 04 CHYRSLER SEBRING, 1C3EL55RX4N315838, VALLEYHILL ROAD, NO TAG 8) 15 MERCEDES BENZ, WDCTG4GB2FJ041511, SPRINGDALE ROAD, NO TAG 9) 18 DODGE CHARGER, 2B3KA43G38H160758, HWY 85, NO TAG 10) 13 HYUNDAI ACCENT, KMHCU4AE8DU453313, HWY 85, NO TAG 11) 13 NISSAN ALTIMA, 1N4AL2EP6DC189227, HWY 85, NO TAG 12) 14 HYUNDAI ELANTRA, 5NPDH4AE8EH499426, HWY 85, NO TAG 13) 01 HONDA CRV, JHLRD18691C043295, HWY 85, NO TAG 14) 03 JEEP LIBERTY, 1J4GK48K23W617871, HWY 85 , NO TAG 15) 07 FORD F150, 1FTRW14577FB42015, HWY 85 , NO TAG 16) 10 HONDA ACCORD, 1HGCP2F76AA011784, HWY 85 , NO TAG 17) 04 CHEV TRAILBLAZER, 1GNET16S946126475, HWY 85, NO TAG 18) 13 VOLKSWAGON BEETLE, 3VWJP7AT7DM601617, HWY 85, NO TAG 19) 03 HYUNDAI ELANTRA, KMHDN45D83U629536, HWY 85, NO TAG 20) 01 MOPED, LJ5LA5081A106006, HWY 85, NO TAG 915-37462, 6/2,9,2021


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