Details for 2014-0162

NOTICE/CITATION PROBATE COURT OF CLAYTON COUNTY RE: PETITION OF Kari Watts TO PROBATE WILL IN SOLEMN FORM OF Archie Rondal Greathouse DECEDENT, UPON WHICH AN ORDER FOR SERVICE WAS GRANTED BY THIS COURT ON JUNE 24th, 2019. TO: Rhonda McCloud, Jean Greathouse, Sharon Smith and All interested parties and all and singular the heirs of said decedent, and to whom it may concern: This is to notify you to file objection, if there is any, to the above referenced petition, in this Court on or before 10:00AM August 5, 2019. All objections to the petition must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections. All pleadings/objections must be signed before a notary public or before a probate court clerk, and filing fees must be tendered with your pleadings/objections, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact probate court personnel at the following address/telephone number for the required amount of filing fees. If any objections are filed, a hearing will be scheduled at a later date. If no objections are filed, the petition may be granted without a hearing. PAM FERGUSON, Judge Clayton County Probate Court By: Sarah Starr-Perez 121 South McDonough Street, Annex 3 Jonesboro, Ga. 30236 770-477-3299 926-605754, 7/10,17,24,31