Details for The Gillem Enclave Environmental Man

The Gillem Enclave Environmental Management Division manages an Installation Restoration Program (IRP) whose mission is to locate, investigate and clean up areas on Gillem Enclave which have been subjected to environmental contamination and degradation. The IRP program has been funded by the Department of the Army since 1993 and has been instrumental in locating, investigating, and cleaning up contaminated sites on Gillem Enclave. When there is sufficient, sustainable community interest, a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) is established to provide community involvement in managing and implementing the Installation Restoration Program. Members of a RAB volunteer their time to serve on the board which meets in the evenings and sometimes on weekends to review and comment on future, and current, investigations and cleanups on Gillem Enclave. Since this is a voluntary program, travel and other incidental expenses are the responsibility of each individual RAB member. If you think you may be interested in volunteering your time to serve on a RAB, please contact Mr. George Skala, the Installation Restoration Program Manager at the Gillem Enclave Environmental Management Division, Directorate of Public Works for more specific information. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 404-469-5335." 928-610559, 8/21