Details for auction June 24

NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION "In accordance with the provisions of State law, there being due and unpaid charges for which the undersigned is entitled to satisfy an owner's and/or manager's lien of the goods hereinafter described and stored at the Uncle Bob's Self Storage location at: Life Storage #044 7604 Highway 85 Riverdale, GA 30274 (770) 477-2192 And, due notice having been given, to the owner of said property and all parties know to claim an interest therein, and the time specified in such notice for payment of such having expired, the goods will be sold at public auction at the above stated address to highest bidder or otherwise disposed of on Monday, June 24, 2019 at 10:30 am Space# Customer's Name Inventory B095 Vanessa Kinsey Household Goods/Furniture/office furn/equip/machine C016 Fredrick Robinson Household Goods/Furniture C034 Erica Williams Household Goods/Furniture C052 James Hervey Household Goods /furniture C076 Christopher Robinson Household Goods/furniture C098 Tourus Jerelds HouseholdGoods//Furniture/office/furn/equip/machine/tv/stereo equip E016 Milca Willis Household Goods/furniture E024 Nicole Frost Household Goods/Furniture B055 Ieshia Pless Household Goods/Furniture B064 Berlinda Kennedy Household Goods/Furniture B094 Kevin Saunders Household Goods/Furniture 929-600681, 6/5,12