Details for 079-19-020, 021 & 022

IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF JASPER COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA IN THE INTEREST OF: E.L. SEX: M AGE: 10 DOB: 07/25/2008 CASE #: 079-19-020 K.L. SEX: F AGE: 11 DOB: 06/19/2007 CASE #: 079-19-021 B.L. SEX: F AGE: 14 DOB: 09/18/2004 CASE #: 079-19-022 CHILDREN UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. NOTICE OF SUMMONS FOR THE PERMANENT GUARDIANSHIP HEARING To Mary Brown and any interested party: The above-captioned matter is scheduled for a hearing on the Georgia Department of Human Services Petition for Permanent Guardianship in the Juvenile Court of Jasper County, Georgia, 126 W. Greene Street, Monticello, Georgia 31064 on the 19th day of June, 2019 at 8:30 a.m., any interested parties should be present in Court to show cause, if any, why said petition should not be granted. If you do not appear for the hearing, the Permanent Guardianship may be granted in your absence. You are entitled to object to the establishment of the permanent guardian or the proposed guardian, or both. Such objections should be filed with the Court within 14 days of the last date of publication. If you have any questions concerning this notice, you may call the telephone of the clerk's office which is 706-468-4901. WITNESS THE HONORABLE PHILIP B. SPIVEY, Judge of said Juvenile Court. This 17th day of May, 2019. /s/ Chrissy Mason . CLERK, JUVENILE COURT OF JASPER COUNTY, GEORGIA Prepared by: Lee R. Moss Special Assistant Attorney General 288 South Main Street Madison, Georgia 30650 Tel: (706) 707-8500 Fax: (706) 342-0447 930-600306, 6/5,12