Details for 2019CV00991-12

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF CLAYTON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION FILE NO. 2019CV00991-12 EQUITY TRUST COMPANY, CUSTODIAN FBO 25229 IRA, Petitioner, v. C. PASCHAL CREEKMORE; CORNERSTONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION; CAPITAL ONE BANK; TENANT/OWNER/ OCCUPANT OF 5466 ASH STREET, CLAYTON COUNTY TAX PARCEL NUMBER 13082B E014 Respondents. _____________________ NOTICE OF SERVICE OF SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION TO: a. TENANT / OWNER / OCCUPANT OF 5466 ASH STREET; b. C. PASCHAL CREEKMORE; You are hereby notified that the above styled action, seeking to remove clouds on the Petitioner's title to certain real property caused by the equities of redemption following a tax sale, as specifically provided by O.C.G.A § 23-3-44, related to property located at 5466 ASH STREET, CLAYTON COUNTY TAX PARCEL NUMBER 13082B E014 was filed against you in the Superior Court of Clayton County on the 14th day of March, 2019, and that by reason of an Order for Service of Summons by Publication entered by the Court on the 3rd day of September, 2019, you are hereby commanded and required to file with the Clerk of said Court and serve upon John Coleman, Attorney at Law, whose address is 675 Seminole Ave., Suite 302, Atlanta, GA 30307 an Answer to the Complaint within sixty (60) days of the Order for Publication. WITNESS, the Honorable Aaron B. Mason, Judge of said Court. This the 3rd day of September, 2019. Clerk of Superior Court, Clayton County 930-613733, 9/11,18,25,10/2