FAMILY COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF KINGS In the Matter of an Article 6 Custody/Visitation Proceeding File #: 274961 Docket #: V-05478-19 Edgardo Alvarado (Petitioner) Juan Galindo (Respondent) Yamileth Espinosa (Respondent) ACS-Kings (Respondent) Monica Galindo (DOB: 03/09/2007) SUMMONS - GENERAL (VIRTUAL APPEARANCE) NOTICE: DO NOT APPEAR IN-PERSON AT THE COURTHOUSE. DUE TO THE ONGOING COVID-19 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY, ESSENTIAL COURT MATTERS ARE BEING HELD VIRTUALLY. To: Juan Galindo Address is Unknown A petition under Article 6 of the Family Court Act has been filed with this Court. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear VIRTUALLY before this Court on: Date/Time/Part: January 29, 2021 at 03:00 PM in Part 8 Purpose: Return of Process Presiding: Hon. Ilana Gruebel to answer the attached petition and to be dealt with in accordance with the Family Court Act. Virtual appearances may be held via video or phone. To update your contact information, e-mail or call the court and provide your name, phone, e-mail address, docket number(s), and date/time of court appearance. Court E-mail: or Court Phone #: (347) 401-9708 FOR VIDEO, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: FOR PHONE, CALL THE TOLL-FREE NUMBER AND ENTER THE MEETING ID Phone: (929)346-7209 Meeting ID: 675944456 For information on how to install/use Microsoft Teams to participate in virtual court proceedings, visit: appear. If you fail to appear as directed, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Dated: December 21, 2020 Steve Byrnes, 1st Deputy Chief Clerk NOTICE: FAMILY COURT ACT §154(C) PROVIDES THAT PETITIONS BROUGHT PURSUANT TO ARTICLES 4, 5, 6, 8 AND 10 OF THE FAMILY COURT ACT, IN WHICH AN ORDER OF PROTECTION IS SOUGHT OR IN WHICH A VIOLATION OF AN ORDER OF PROTECTION IS ALLEGED, MAY BE SERVED OUTSIDE THE STATE OF NEW YORK UPON A RESPONDENT WHO IS NOT A RESIDENT OR DOMICILIARY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. IF NO OTHER GROUNDS FOR OBTAINING PERSONAL JURISDICTION OVER THE RESPONDENT EXIST ASIDE FROM THE APPLICATION OF THIS PROVISION, THE EXERCISE OF PERSONAL JURISDICTION OVER THE RESPONDENT IS LIMITED TO THE ISSUE OF THE REQUEST FOR, OR ALLEGED VIOLATION OF, THE ORDER OF PROTECTION. WHERE THE RESPONDENT HAS BEEN SERVED WITH THIS SUMMONS AND PETITION AND DOES NOT APPEAR, THE FAMILY COURT MAY PROCEED TO A HEARING WITH RESPECT TO ISSUANCE OR ENFORCEMENT OF THE ORDER OF PROTECTION. 930-23936, 1/6/2021


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