Details for Helmbacher 2019DR02016-10

IN THE SUPERIOR COURT of CLAYTON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION NO. 2019DR02016-10 Jessica Helmbacher Plaintiff Hugo A. Bun Defendant TO: NOTICE OF PUBLICATION By Order for Service by Publication dated the 21st day of August 2019, you are hereby notified that on the 29th day of May, 2019, Jessica Helmbacher filed suit against you for Change of Custody and Child Support. You are required to file with the Clerk of the Superior Court and to serve upon the plaintiff's attorney, an Answer in writing within sixty (60) days of the first date of Publication. WITNESS, the Honorable, Shana Rooks Malone, Judge of this Superior Court. This the 22nd day of August, 2019. ~s~ Deputy Court Clerk Superior Court Jacquline D. Wills Clerk Superior Court 9151 Tara Boulevard Jonesboro, GA 30236-4912 930-612894, 9/4,11,18,25