Details for HICKS 2018CV01967LH


STATE OF GEORGIA Civil Action File No: 2018CV01967LH GERALD HICKS, Plaintiff(s) VS THUY NGUYEN, Defendant(s) NOTICE OF SUMMONS TO:THUY NGUYEN, By order of this Court dated 13th day of May, 2019, you are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, 2018, a complaint was filed against you in said court. You are hereby required to file with the Clerk of State Court and to serve upon Plaintiff's attorney Randy Ebersbach , P.O. Box 71609, Newnan, GA 30271, an answer in writing within sixty-(60) days from the 131h day of May 2019. Witness the Honorable Tammi Long Hayward, Judge of the State Court of Clayton County, Georgia. This 13th day of May, 2019. Cheryl Dixon, Deputy Clerk TIK1 BROWN CLERK OF STATE COURT 9151 TARA BOULEVARD ROOM 1CL181 JONESBORO, GEORGIA 30236 930-601638, 6/12,19,26,7/3