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STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF DOUGLAS PUBLICATION OF NOTICE, SUMMONS AND PROCESS TO: Daniel Edwin Miner; Address of Father-Unknown RE: Douglas County Juvenile Court File No. 19JV0421 In the interest of Jimmy John O'neal Date of Birth:5/3/2015; Father and Mother's name: Daniel Edwin Miner and Julia Crystal O'neal This notice and summons is published pursuant to an order of Court and in accordance with the applicable provisions of O.C.G.A. 9-11-4, 9-11-5, 15-11-39.1, and 15-11-39.2 to notify you that a Petition for Dependency on the above-named minor child has been filed. You are entitled to counsel and the Court will appoint counsel if you are unable, without undue financial hardship, to employ counsel. Any answer or response to the Petition must be filed within the time prescribed by Georgia law and a copy of said answer or response served upon counsel for the Petitioner. A copy of the petition can be obtained from counsel for the Petitioner, Thinel Bishop, P.O. Box 325 Villa Rica, GA 30180, (770) 456-4125 or from the Clerk of Court. A hearing in said matter has been scheduled for September 6th , 2019 at 1:00 pm in said Court. Findings of fact and orders of disposition made pursuant to the hearing will become final at the final hearing unless the party served by publication appears at the final hearing. Witness the Honorable Peggy Walker, Judge of said Court. Donna Wentz _____________________ Donna Wentz, Clerk Douglas County Juvenile Court Thinel Bishop Attorney at Law Attorney for Petitioner P.O. Box 325 Villa Rica, GA 30180 (770) 456-4125 930-609752, 8/14,21,28,9/4