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With Valentine’s Day comes a surge of activity on dating websites, with singles looking to the internet for a love connection. Unfortunately, these sites are rife with fraudsters who use affection to manipulate their victims out of their money. Worse, a new Better Business Bureau (BBB) report finds, online romance scams often escalate as scammers turn their victims into unwitting accomplices to fraud, known as “money mules.”


AP exams are administered by the College Board, which also administers the SAT. AP courses are one of several ways Georgia students can access college-level learning at the high-school level; students who receive a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP exam may receive college credit.


More than one speaker asserted during the “1619 – 2019: African Americans’ 400-year Journey - Footprint in Georgia” event at the Georgia Archives Saturday not rely upon history books.

For sure, we are a nation under stress. We are a tension-ridden people who take aspirin for our headaches, tranquilizers for our nerves and sleeping pills to make us sleep. And so much of this “medicine” is being taken to alleviate tension or stress.

To read “Elsey Come Home,” the new novel from Susan Conley, is to come into contact with any search for self that any individual might ever have experienced. The novel is an intimate declaration of independence. It’s a story told many times over, true, but Conley tells it with such understanding and compassion that readers will be hard-pressed not to finish the slender volume in one sitting.


The Board of Commissioners votes for earlier meetings.

The man, who lives in Atlanta in Clayton County, is charged with malice murder in the death of an East Point woman. Other suspects may be involved. East Point Police and Clayton County Police are investigating.

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