JONESBORO — The rain may have driven activities inside, but it couldn’t stop Stately Oaks reenactors from going about their day in 19th century fashion.

From corresponding to spinning fiber and quilting, the Bethel Schoolhouse was abuzz with activity. Once clothes were mended and letters written, it was time for a little 19th century fun like singing and dancing.

The Stately Oaks Vintage Dancers demonstrated different dances from the era to live banjo and piano music.

To keep the children entertained, they learned games played by 19th century kids and make corn husk dolls.

The annual Living History Day was capped off with a tour of Stately Oaks Plantation, an 1839 antebellum home listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home was constructed by Whitmill Alle, who sold the home to Robert McCord in 1858.

Historical Jonesboro also maintains the Old Bethel School, cookhouse, tenant house, well house and Juddy’s Country Store on the grounds.

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Education reporter Heather Middleton joined the Clayton News and Henry Herald in 2002.

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