CCFES: Beware firefighter donation scam

Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services says phone calls from "Firefighters Alliance" seeking donations are not authorized and that people should not give out financial information over the phone. Instead, CCFES says to call the police.

JONESBORO — If you get a phone call seeking donations for an outfit called "Firefighter Alliance," you might want to think twice about giving out your financial information.

Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services says it has nothing to do with "Firefighter Alliance," which reportedly claims it is collecting donations on behalf of CCFES.

"The caller advised they accept money order or would use their credit card information to accept the donation," CCFES warned in a Facebook post. "CCFES is not affiliated with what they identified as the 'Firefighter Alliance' and we are NOT requesting monetary donations!!!"

The News was unable to find a "Firefighter Alliance" or "Firefighters Alliance" listed as a Georgia corporation with the Secretary of State's office.

CCFES says anyone who has donated to "Firefighters Alliance" should contact your local police department or the Clayton County Police Department.

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