CCPD catches alleged car burglar in College Park

Clayton County Police arrested Derrick Emmanuel Williams Jr. after responding to a report of someone breaking into cars in the 1500 block of Poplar Pointe Drive in College Park on June 29. Williams is being held without bond on numerous charges, some of which include drug possession, criminal trespass, probation violation and terroristic threats or acts.

COLLEGE PARK — Clayton County Police officers have arrested a man they say was carrying drugs and breaking into cars in College Park.

On June 29, officers responded to a call about a “suspicious person” in the 1500 block of Poplar Pointe Drive. When they arrived, they found Derrick Eanuel “Junior” Williams Jr., 24, of Forest Park carrying “several forms of illegal drugs.”

Police say Williams admitted to possessing the drugs and was arrested.

Williams is in the Clayton County Jail on a string of charges:

Terroristic threats or acts♦ ;

Probation violation♦ ;

Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act (3 counts)♦ ;

Viving false name/address/date of birth♦ ;

“None or class violation”♦ ;

Dangerous drugs-container♦ ;

Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana♦ ;

Possession of tools during commission of a crime♦ ;

Criminal trespass♦ ;

Loitering near convicts after order to desist; and

Entering automobile♦ .

Williams made first appearance on June 30 before Magistrate Court Chief Judge Wanda Dallas. His case was reassigned to Judge Pro Tem Nailah McFarlane. On July 1, Williams was denied bond on several charges, with special conditions added. He was granted bond on the criminal trespass, “none or class violation,” giving false ID, marijuana possession and dangerous drugs-container charges, totaling $12,500 in property bond and $2,250 in fees. Williams’ case was then reassigned again to Presiding Judge Richard C. Brown.

Williams has been in and out of the Clayton County courts since 2012. In a single February 2013 case, he was sentenced to a total of five years, one to serve plus four years’ probation under the First Offender Act on charges of battery, terroristic threats, interfering with government property and two counts of obstructing an officer.

Court records show that Williams repeatedly violated the terms of his probation and was given multiple chances to resume that probation under modified terms.

In April 2014, a warrant was issued for his arrest. In August 2015, he was ordered released from the Clayton County Jail and put back on probation. Another arrest warrant was issued in October 2016; another, in May 2017; another in March 2018; followed by a probation revocation hearing in August 2018.

Williams’ preliminary hearing on the current charges is set for July 16 at 8 a.m. in Room 203.

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