Jonesboro Police nab alleged Long John Silver's, Burger King burglars from South Carolina

Two burglary suspects allegedly damaged the drive-thru window at the Burger King at Tara Boulevard and Smith Street in Jonesboro on Aug. 5. The Long John Silvers across Smith Street reported $100 missing. Both suspects were in custody at press time.

JONESBORO—An observant Jonesboro Police officer who spotted a suspicious car early Monday morning busted a pair of burglary suspects who allegedly were robbing fast-food restaurants on Tara Boulevard.

Around 3 a.m., according to a press release, the officer saw a 2018 Nissan Murano with its lights off driving around the sides and rear of closed businesses at Tara and Dixon Road.

First, the vehicle went behind Domino's Pizza and Long John Silvers. Then, it crossed the median of Tara Boulevard, still with its headlights off, and went behind Sports Café and CVS. 

The officer did a traffic stop and identified the driver as Kevin Xavier Gage, Jr., 21, of Columbia, S.C. who allegedly was driving on a suspended South Carolina license and had a burglary warrant out of Forest Acres, S.C. Police say Gage told the officer he was looking for something to eat. The passenger, Panacea Lorenz White, 23, of Columbia, S.C. had a valid South Carolina license and no warrants. Police detained the pair.

While investigating the businesses, another officer found broken drive-thru windows at Long John Silver's, 8502 Tara Blvd., and Burger King, 875 Smith St. and called the managers. The Long John Silvers manager said each register contained $100 in coins, ones and fives. The suspects were found to have $100 in coins, ones and fives, according to police. Burger King's manager said nothing was missing but that the window had been damaged.

Gage and White were arrested and charged with burglary, possession of tools for commission of a crime and multiple traffic charges. They made first appearance Tuesday morning before Magistrate Court Judge Wanda Dallas.

Gage was granted bond on the following charges:

• Smash and grab robbery: $25,000 bond, $2,700 fees

• Wearing masks: $3,500 bond, $550 fees

• Driving on a suspended license: $1,500 bond, $350 fees

• Divided highway restriction violation: $500 bond, $150 fees

• Possession of tools during the commission of a crime: $7,000 bond, $900 fees

• Defective headlights: $500 bond, $150 fees

• Improper turn - improper signal: $500 bond, $150 fees

• Improper turn at intersection: $500 bond, $150 fees

White was granted bond on the following charges:

• Smash and grab burglary: $25,000 bond, $2,700 fees

• Possession of tools during commission of a crime: $7,000 bond, $900 fees

• Wearing masks: $3,500 bond, $550 fees

Both Gage and White are scheduled for a preliminary hearing before Magistrate Court Judge Richard C. Brown at 8 a.m. Aug. 29 in Room 203 of the Clayton County Courthouse.

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