Payne faces new charges in deadly shooting incident

Hannah Payne, 21, faces new charges in the shooting death of Kenneth Herring, 62.

JONESBORO — Hannah Payne, the woman charged with fatally shooting Kenneth Herring, will face new charges in the May 7 incident.

Judge Shana Rooks Malone issued a true bill bench warrant June 20 against Payne, who was granted $100,000 bond on June 4. Payne, who was released with an ankle monitor, is now charged with malice murder, two counts of felony murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and three charges of weapons possession during a crime.

Payne, 21, is alleged to have chased Herring for a mile after his pickup truck hit a tractor-trailer on Clark Howell Highway near I-85. Herring’s wife said he was having a diabetic emergency at the time.

At least one witness says Payne, who was carrying a gun, used her Jeep to cut off Herring’s pickup truck near Forest Parkway and Riverdale Road and repeatedly ordered him out of the car. Payne allegedly drew her gun and pointed it at Herring, who was shot in the abdomen. He was transported to a hospital, where he died.

Clayton County Police Detective Keon Hayward testified that a 911 operator had repeatedly told Payne not to follow Herring and that an EMS worker believed Payne was having a diabetic crisis. After the shooting, he said, Payne told the 911 operator that Herring had “shot himself with (her) gun.”

Although police say Payne had a Georgia Weapons Carry License, which allows gun owners to carry concealed, she likely had it for less than a year due to her age. Payne’s family has said she carried a gun for protection.

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