Ku Fu Wings


July 31, 2019 Score: 76, Grade: C 

Observations and Corrective Actions

No signed employee health agreement documents availability for the EHS to review. CA: Food employees shall be notified in verifiable manner how to report to PIC health related information. COS: PIC found employee health red book provided during last inspection.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.

Observed several containers of food inside prep top cooler and inside of walk in cooler stored uncovered. CA: Cover food to prevent contamination. COS: items covered.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.

Observed several TCS items inside prep top cooler holding at temperatures greater than 41F. CA: TCS items for cold holding shall remain at 41F or below. COS: Food discarded  Corrected On-Site.  Repeat Violation.

Observed cooked chicken on stove and on counter holding at temperatures less than 135F. CA: TCS foods that require hot holding shall remain at 135F or above to prevent foodborne illness. COS: Food discarded  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.

Observed several cloths used for wiping food contact surfaces stored on top of prep counters. CA: Store wiping cloths inside sanitizing solution between use.  New Violation.

Observed several large cups/bowls stored inside bulk food containers. CA: Use scoops with handles or ladles with handles stored away from food product.  New Violation.

Prep top cooler near grill station ambient temperature observed holding at 53F. CA: Equipment shall remain in good repair.  New Violation.