Mayor's Race: Bonita Crawford

Bonita Crawford, Mayoral Candidate, Morrow

Name: Bonita Crawford 

Age: 69

Education/degrees completed/years: BA from Saint Leo University, 2016

Military service, if any: U.S. Army, 20 years continuous active duty service

City of residence: Morrow  

If you are a challenger, is this your first race? Yes

What elected or appointed public offices have you held before? President of the Morrow Neighborhood Watch

Name two specific problems facing your ward/city. Please be specific (e.g., “human trafficking” vs. “crime”). Loss of retail stores in our city and promoting a more positive image to bring good paying jobs to our area. We don’t have youth or senior centers.

What specific solutions can you as a candidate offer to solve those problems? Bring in new businesses by changing the perception and image of our city. Collaborate with others on getting a youth center to keep kids off the streets and learning important life skills with mentoring programs. A senior center would give social opportunities for our elderly citizens.

What are two important projects underway or pending in your ward/city (construction, planning, etc.)? Traffic issues at North Lee Street and Lake Harbin. The Morrow Center.

How do you resolve conflict? Identify the problem. Listen to the other person’s point of view or argument. Ask questions. Stick to the issue at hand. Seek common ground. Collaborate on solutions.

What steps will you take to increase local government transparency and accountability to citizens? Encourage residents to attend city council meetings and conduct town hall meetings to get feedback from our citizens.

Why are you the best-qualified person for this seat? I’m an individual who strongly believes in integrity, forward vision and accountability. I have served as president of the Morrow Neighborhood Watch for several years and serve on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I’m actively involved in volunteering for community events such as Safe Halloween, Health Fairs, Christmas in the Park, Freedom Fest and more. Through my military training, I possess managerial skills at an executive level. I will listen to the concerns of Morrow citizens and their voices will be heard. I will exert every effort to ensure that the quality of life of our citizens is enhanced.