Morrow City Counci Post 2: Jeanell Bridges (I)

Morrow City Councilwoman Jeanell Bridges (I)

Name: Jeanell Bridges

Age: 77

Education: Completed 2 years at Morris Brown

City of residence: Morrow

Council 9 years 


1. Homelessness- Get the state involved to open shelters and mental health care.

2. Lack of interest and participation of more citizens in Council meetings. - continue our efforts to stress the importance of being present and involved.

Important projects:

Completing the path system and installing sidewalks to make it more pedestrians friendly for the University and the citizens of Morrow.

Being a good listener, impartial and understanding that we all want to be respected and appreciated.


Being available and open to citizens as well as local, county and state officials to share our concerns with each other and to our citizens.

Best qualified:

Having served nine years I’ve developed crucial relationships with local, other cities and state officials.

Served as Mayor Pro Tem for two terms.