Morrow City Council Post 4: Gilda White Hutcheson

Morrow City Council candidate Gilda White Hutcheson

Name: Gilda White Hutcheson

Age: not specified

Position sought: Morrow City Council

First run for elected office

Appointed position: Current Planning and Zoning Board Chair

Specific Problems: need for more citizen input; attracting new businesses that add value to our community

Solutions: More productive council meetings/take action; create attractive locations and codes that are more business-friendly

Important projects: creating the Neighborhood Mixed Use business district (City Center); resolving the Olde Towne Morrow questions.

Conflict Resolution: Keep an open mind, listen, do not take things personally, avoid overreacting and, of course, all is depending on the substance of the topic.

Transparency and Accountability: I will continue to be available to citizens and be highly involved in the community; find ways to encourage ALL citizens to attend meetings, events, etc. of the city.

Best Qualified: Frankly, no one cares more about the city and its citizens than I do: Morrow is my hometown and I truly care about the city and my fellow citizens. Because I care, I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering at city events and other opportunities. As the current Chairperson for the City‘s Planning and Zoning Board, I have gained experience in how the government should work for the people. Our city needs decisive leadership that is ready and willing to move Morrow forward, to attract new business, to protect our quality of life, to take care of now and prepare for the future. As a member of the city council, I will proudly represent every member of our wonderfully diverse community and make decisions that will enhance all of our lives.