Morrow City Council Post 4: Khoa Vuong

Morrow City Council Post 4 Candidate Khoa Vuong (no photo available)

Name: Khoa Vuong

Age: 44

Education/degrees completed/years: Highschool/1994

City of residence: Morrow

Office sought: City Council

If you are a challenger, is this your first race?


What elected or appointed public offices have you held before?

Board Member – Morrow Downtown Development Authority

Name two specific problems facing your ward/city. Please be specific (e.g., “human trafficking” vs. “crime”).

1. Retail vacancies and resulting loss of revenue to the city and depreciated value of our tax base.

2. Aging residential areas with limited quality renovations on home resales.

What specific solutions can you as a candidate offer to solve those problems?

1. We need to educate the city staff and our community about the value of having retail and office tenants in vacant buildings. The loss of CAM (Common Area Maintenance) fees for every lease is causing the schools, county, and the city to lose millions of dollars of legitimate tax value each year. The deferred maintenance is visually noticeable and makes the area less attractive.

2. Morrow has well-built homes, but some are functionally obsolete and therefore sell at a lower price. We need to partner with Home Depot / Lowes and showcase their free weekend workshops. It allows the homeowner to add value to their property over time and on a budget. We can also partner with Nextdoor (Morrow area) to allow our residents to recommend and rate local contractors for quality, availability and pricing.

What are two important projects underway or pending in your ward/city (construction, planning, etc.)?

1. The closing of Lee Street is a pending project I am opposed to. We need to review alternatives and meet with the adjacent property owners that will be affected before we approve each alternative. Then review how well each one worked, before we complete the next one. Traffic solutions over time verses spending a lot of time in traffic.

2. We need to showcase the existing infrastructure near Clayton State University. It is a prime opportunity for us to add value to our tax base and provide our residents and the CSU students with new restaurants, coffee shops, and other options that they have in other cities with a college campus.

How do you resolve conflict?

Keep calm and work your way through it. Professional dialogue is critical, especially since we all live here and will see each other again tomorrow.

What steps will you take to increase local government transparency and accountability to citizens?

We have to remember we are conducting the citizens' business on their behalf. We represent them, so it makes no sense to exclude any information, except what is specifically spelled out in Georgia law.

Why are you the best-qualified person for this seat?

I bring an entrepreneurial side to the city that needs to attract new businesses to grow. New shops, places to work, or the ability to open your own business is vital to our community. I have created jobs, understand the process for locating and opening new locations, and have a business and home in Morrow. I encourage others to locate here and reduce their anxiety. I am a hands-on solution for residential and business recruitment.