Alfred Dixon announces run for Jonesboro mayor

State Rep. Valencia Seay (R) chats with Jonesboro City Councilman Alfred Dixon (L) during Blueprint Jonesboro public input session at Arts Clayton.

JONESBORO — Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Alfred Dixon says he will announce a run for mayor of Jonesboro at City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

According to his LinkedIn page, Dixon graduated from Mundy's Mill High School and appears to hold a 2013 bachelor's of business administration degree in logistics, materials and supply chain management from Clayton State University. He also has his own entertainment business and works at QuikTrip.

When asked to confirm his degree status and current employment, Dixon told the News that he attended Clayton State in 2013 but did not earn a degree from there or from any other college. He also no longer works at QuikTrip.

"I'm pretty much full-time as far as City Council goes," Dixon told the News. "I also do some work at Skyboxx Sports Bar off Mt. Zion."

He added that he sees problems "not as problems, but as opportunities, especially with the 2020 Census coming up. We just need to make sure that everyone is counted so we reap the benefits."

Dixon has been a proponent of increased youth involvement in community affairs. "I'm excited," he said. "I'm really happy to work with the community about what the next generation looks like for Jonesboro."

In a press release, Dixon said, "I will be the mayor that represents and works for everyone. I’m here for those who are socially detached and unable to interpret their why. I truly believe that Jonesboro is breeding the nation's next leaders, and I will embrace every opportunity to ensure that equality, equity, and access is provided for all."

Dixon is scheduled to make his formal announcement at 4 p.m. Wednesday at Jonesboro City Hall, 124 North Ave.

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