Jackson -- The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been asked to probe a home invasion reported Wednesday morning at the residence of Jackson Police Chief James Morgan. 

Morgan told the Jackson Progress-Argus it appeared the target of the home invasion was his daughter, who was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when an intruder entered the residence on Moore Road, just outside Jackson. He said he received a frantic call from her just after 11 a.m. Wednesday.

"She was hysterical over the phone," Morgan said. 

He said the suspect appears to be an ex-boyfriend of his 33-year-old daughter, who works an overnight shift at a local business and was asleep when an intruder entered the home and went to her bedroom. But while Butts County Sheriff's Major Jeff Nix said a person of interest in the case was being detained Wednesday afternoon, charges had not been filed and the person was not identified. 

Nix said the GBI has been asked to handle the investigation.

Morgan said his daughter reported being awakened by the intruder, who is believed to have gained entry to the home after entering through a porch door, going into the garage, retrieving a key from his daughter's purse — which was on the backseat of her vehicle — and using the key to unlock a door between the garage and interior of the home. 

"It had to be someone with a key, because there didn't appear to be any forced entry," Morgan said.

After she was awakened by the intruder standing over her, Morgan said his daughter was able to repel the person, who ultimately fled the home.

He said his daughter was shaken by the incident, but otherwise unharmed. 

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