JONESBORO — The Clayton County Board of Education voted to keep the school district’s millage rate at 20 mills, the highest allowed by law, on Monday.

The vote was 7-2 with board members Jasmine Bowles and Mark Christmas opposing.

Maintaining the rate at 20 mills will result in a 3.66 percent increase to taxpayers whose property values have increased. The district expects to collect approximately $5.4 million in fiscal year 2020.

Officials noted the fy 2020 budget was built with the millage rate remaining at 20 mills. The funds will be used for maintenance and operations and to “sustain the efforts to recruit and retain quality teachers and staff in order to improve student performance.”

The board voted last August to increase the millage from 19.095 mills to 20 mills. The increase was expected to generate an additional $5 million in revenue for fiscal year 2019.

Education reporter Heather Middleton joined the Clayton News and Henry Herald in 2002.

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