PROCLAMATION: CCPD Honorary Officer Juvell Harris is "our superhero and our brother"

Clayton County Police Department Superhero Crime Fighter Officer Juvell Harris tests his marksmanship with a Nerf gun he received as part of his policing equipment last week during a visit with the Clayton County Police Department.

November 6, 2019

WHEREAS: The Clayton County Police Department recognizes that Juvell Harris is a superhero who resides in Jonesboro, Georgia and attends Harper Elementary School; and

WHEREAS: Bravery is usually the biggest trait of a hero and because Juvell is as smart as Iron Man, as awesome as Captain America, as strong as the Hulk and as brave as Thor, you are our superhero and our brother; and

WHEREAS: We realize that the need for superheroes can arise at any time, we rely on the vigilance and preparedness of Juvell Harris during these times to assist the Clayton County Police Department to serve and protect his community from the bad guys in the world; and

THEREFORE: On this day Juvell Harris is sworn in as an Honorary Clayton County Police Officer for the day and is to be recognized and honored as such.

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