The Jonesboro High School Majestic Marching Cardinals are headed to Illinois to participate in the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade in November. The band is raising money to make the trip.

JONESBORO — The Majestic Marching Cardinals are taking their talents on the road this Thanksgiving.

The Jonesboro High School band was selected to participate in the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade on Nov. 28.

“Cardinals are known for the beautiful songs they sing,” said Phil Purevich, executive producer of the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade, “and when you hear the songs of the Majestic Marching Cardinals, you’re going to be blown away. This band is one that will stand out and grab your attention.”

It’s an opportunity for students to show off their musical skills nationally, but the trip comes at a cost. The total expense to travel is $56,440, which includes buses and hotel. The cost breaks down to $628 per student.

To help offset the student portion, Jonesboro High officials are asking for the community’s help financially.

During the Oct. 7 Board of Education meeting, several board members presented Principal Felicia Brown with donations.

Board member Ophelia Burroughs taught at and retired from Jonesboro High.

“I always have them right here in my heart,” she said while presenting a donation to Brown. Burroughs added she plans to attend the parade in support of the school.

While donating her own check to the band’s cause, Board Chair Jessie Goree also presented Brown a check from Fincher Denmark & Minefield LLC law firm. She encouraged other law firms to commit monies as well.

“Every little penny, dollar, $25 whatever you got helps,” Goree said.

The parade will air on WGN America Nov. 28 from 8-11 a.m. WGN can be found on Comcast-Atlanta on channels 045, 815 and 1420.

The Cardinals have several avenues to donate including gofundme, Paypal and sponsorship opportunities. For those who wish to mail in a donation, send to Jonesboro High School, 7728 Mt. Zion Blvd., Jonesboro, Ga. 30236.

To learn more about the band, follow their progress or donate, visit www.jonesborommc.com/chicago.

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