MORROW—A man is lucky to be alive—and, police say, lucky he didn't kill anybody else—after he lost control of his car on I-75 in Morrow early Friday morning.

Rickie Bernard Martin, 33, was cited for driving under the influence, possession of an open container, and failure to maintain lane. 

Morrow Police say Martin's black Chevy Cruze ran off I-75 just south of Georgia Hwy. 54, flew into the woods, hit several trees and flipped over. A witness told the responding officer "that they did not witness any reason for the vehicle to leave the roadway or lose control of the vehicle."

The officer spotted Martin moving around the car and told him to stay put until the fire department arrived, but Martin "disregarded (the officer) and forced himself from the vehicle," which contained "multiple open and closed alcoholic beverage containers."

According to the police report, the officer "could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from (Martin's) person and (he) had blood shot watery eyes. The subject attempted multiple times to get back into the vehicle and would not listen to me or other responders when told that he could not do that."

Finally, the officer handcuffed Martin behind his back, "double locked... due to his behavior and incoherence." The officer said Martin was incapable of keeping eye contact, focusing or following basic directions, stating "Give me a breath test. I wasn't even drinking like that." Martin also said he was coming "from the club," but when the officer asked "Which club?", Martin would "deflect."

Morrow Fire EMS examined Martin but he refused treatment, according to the report, and consented to a breath test. The officer drove him to police headquarters, turned on the Intoxilyzer 9000, and found Martin had "fallen asleep in a chair."

The officer said Martin blew a 0.183 and an 0.184 five minutes apart and kept asking about his truck.

"I asked 'What truck?'" the officer wrote. "He stated 'The truck I was driving.' I advised Mr. Martin that he was not driving a truck and he insisted that he was."

A post on MPD's Facebook page publicized the photos, stating, "It is a miracle no one else was hit and this individual did not loose [sic] their life. In fact, they walked away without any injuries."

Martin was ticketed and released to his sister, "due to possible injuries sustained from the vehicle accident" after Martin refused treatment despite "visible injuries to the face." 

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