The reality of a strong Republican win/loss ratio in the November 2020 General Election is a fact that gets lost in the rearview of the ongoing claims of conspiracy and stolen votes, resulting in the loss of the White House by then-President Donald J. Trump. The GOP narrowed the Democratic House majority to only four seats, and lost only one U.S. Senate contest in Colorado, with that majority also on the line. Two Georgia seats were won by the Republicans by strong plurality, but just under a majority, requiring runoffs, which the Democrats would later sweep.

The former President and his ardent supporters and lawyers certainly gave conspiracy theories, allegations and outright lies the old college try. Though the President did not exactly assemble the Justice League to come to his defense, I would not want to square off against attorney Lin Wood on a matter of libel, slander or defamation of character, and in his day, Rudy Giuliani was a solid and hard-charging U.S. Attorney in New York. However, Team Trump and their fellow legal eagles are currently something close to 70-0 in every one of their court challenges and standing allegations of voter fraud, ballot tampering, and impropriety in multiple states.

The GOP majority State Senate in Arizona ordered an audit of the 2020 Presidential vote, conducted by Cyber Ninjas. The company had no prior experience in election audits or election results tabulation. The recount focused on the vote tallies of Maricopa County, the epicenter of the Arizona GOP. The General Election results had been certified, back in November, by Maricopa County’s GOP-controlled board of supervisors, as well as the State’s GOP Governor and Secretary of State (at that time). The hand-count canvassing and ballot ‘audit’ by the Cyber Ninjas took several months, and the process had multiple critics, but the results in the preliminary report of findings gave the county and Arizona state victory as well as nearly 300 additional votes, to now President Joe Biden.

And former President Trump immediately responded, “The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election four or five times over. There is fraud and cheating in Arizona, and it must be criminally investigated,” said a statement released by the former President on Friday evening, Sept. 24th.

We know that actual reading has never been a strong suit for Mr. Trump, but a quick review of the multiple volume, 91-page report indicates nothing remotely close to that.

The President bought his post-election fraud and paranoia roadshow back to Perry, Georgia, and the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter on Saturday, February 25th, along with these now aging tropes. As expected, after the highlight appearance by U.S. Senate candidate and football legend Herschel Walker, Trump again broke out more bull than you might have expected at a Buffalo Bill’s Traveling Wild West Show, back in the day. And sadly, in addition to thousands in the crowd still believing the Trump re-election to be stolen, with hundreds wearing “Trump Won Georgia” T-shirts, Trump endorsed candidates who also made regular reference to the need for more investigation and election audits here in Georgia. Georgia’s results were already audited and recounted three times, including one hand-count.

Election fraud is real and has occurred here in Georgia. The dead have occasionally voted. Duplicate votes and “found ballots” late on election night by a last-delivered precinct have all occurred. Absentee ballots, all cast on paper, actually have long been the most vulnerable part of the election process. But nothing on the scale of double-digit, thousands of false votes have ever been demonstrated, proven, or even alleged... until this contest, where the facts and reality seem to exist in an alternate universe for those supporters of the President who deeply and passionately simply want a different outcome.

Most voters prefer facts and reality, even when they don’t like the results. Trump is endorsing Herschel Walker and some other fine candidates while attempting to torpedo the re-election of GOP Gov. Brian Kemp. This all may play well through the GOP Primary and runoff elections, but the game and match are quite different for the fall General Election in 2022. Trump’s tactics may well drive as many Democrats back to the polls as they also drive away independents. The devil’s music can of course always be entertaining. Being bad is often more fun than being good, but in the long run, being good drives and derives better outcomes.

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Bill Crane is a syndicated columnist based in Decatur. He has worked in politics for Democrats and Republicans, respects the process and will try and give you some things to think about. Your thoughts and responses to his opinions are also welcome,

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