STOCKBRIDGE – Lynn Sinclair was admitted to Piedmont Henry Hospital late in 2020 after a serious fall.

Though she was concerned about her health and recovery, Sinclair was more worried about caring for her horse, Min Honanna (Anna for short), and her mule, Tinkerbell (Tink).

Sinclair’s physical therapist knew that her co-worker, Yvonne Ehrhart, volunteered with an animal rescue organization and asked if she might know someone who could help. She did not, but she spoke with Sinclair and offered to go out to her home and see if she might be able to do something. Since that final weekend of 2020, Ehrhart has gone out twice a day, every weekend, to provide care for the animals. For Sinclair, this act of kindness has made a tremendous difference in her life.

“Not only has she gone out of her way to provide care to my animals, she’s cared for me, and helped with my recovery, as well,” Sinclair said. “What she has done for me is a miracle.”

Doctors told Sinclair that her recovery would take close to 10 months. She knew that meant that she wouldn’t be able to perform the daily chores to care for her horse and mule, including feeding them, walking them to and from the pasture, mucking out the stalls, and any of the maintenance in and around the barn. A neighbor offered to help some and, after learning what the job entailed, Ehrhart volunteered to take the weekends.

“I have pets at home, and I foster pets for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue,” Ehrhart said. “I know that I am one accident away from being in the same boat as Ms. Sinclair, so I knew that if I could help her, I would.”

Ehrhart had always wanted a horse growing up but had never cared for one until now. She said she has come to understand Anna and Tink’s personalities and has learned some tricks of the trade to make caring for them easier. She has also built a friendship with Sinclair and has helped her with her recovery, giving her some tips on how to move around better and negotiate some tricky areas in her home. Sinclair has been amazed at Ehrhart’s dedication to her and her animals and was surprised that she has also taken on some of the maintenance in the area.

“She’s mowed the pasture, cleared the paddocks of weeds, and even fixed a door that broke when Tink kicked it,” Sinclair said. “She sees what has to be done and does it. She has truly been a blessing. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Ehrhart was recently recognized with an award at Piedmont Henry for going above and beyond for Sinclair. Leaders throughout the hospital praised her for her compassion and for seeing a problem and addressing it. Piedmont’s purpose is to make a positive difference in every life they touch, and Ehrhart’s actions show that purpose in action.

“This is a peaceful place and I love coming out here,” Ehrhart said. “I’m just glad I can help.”

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