Sandtown Middle School

Sandtown Middle School (Photo: FOX 5 Atlanta)

Fulton County Schools have revised the number of students officials said were taken to the hospital Thursday afternoon. Medics took 28 middle school students to the hospital Thursday afternoon, sparking an investigation by school Police.

According to Susan Romanick with Fulton County Schools, several students at Sandtown Middle School complained of feeling ill, nauseated and disoriented, after eating snacks and candy shortly after noon.

The school called EMS to evaluate the students and transport them to a local hospital, if needed.

After evaluation, paramedics took 28 students to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding and Egleston as well as Grady Memorial Hospital

Fulton County Schools released a statement which reads in part:

“Our students’ health and safety are our first priority. When students began reporting their symptoms, we partnered with local municipalities to immediately get them medical attention as quickly as possible. For the safety of all, students and staff were instructed not to eat anything given to them by another person and not to eat anything they didn’t bring from their own home.”

Romanick told FOX 5 Atlanta that the parents of the children who complained of feeling ill were being notified.

The district never evacuated Sandtown Middle or placed the school on lockdown.

Investigators with Fulton County Schools Police will now try to determine what led to the students feeling ill.


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